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To celebrate my husband’s 67th birthday (oh my, I can remember when he turned 17), we took a vacation to Big Cedar Lodge and Table Rock Lake in Missouri for a fishing trip.

sun-protection-clothing-thoughtful-gift-ideaOn our trip, we visited the granddaddy of all outdoor stores – Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, Missouri. Did you know it’s Missouri’s number one tourist destination?

We were in the store for hours looking at boats, motors, fishing gear, seven aquariums, alligators, and finally clothes.

(Now I know how he felt after all these years shopping with me. Bless his heart!)

sun-protection-hat-thoughtful-gift-ideaBecause Randy has fair skin and has spent countless hours in the sun playing tennis, running, fishing, umpiring and working as a home builder, he is susceptible to skin cancer. Doctors removed melanoma from Randy’s arm a couple of months ago.

Sun Protection From Head to Toe

No doubt about it. He required sun protection on his guided fishing trip.

Bass Pro’s selection of Under Armour heat gear with UV protection and Red Head Brand Co. shirts, pants and hats with 30 to 50 Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is just what Randy’s doctor suggested to help prevent skin cancer. A garment with a UPF of 50 blocks 98% of the UV radiation.

After fishing and catching small mouth bass, Randy returned to the marina without a hint of a sunburn. I felt relieved knowing he protected himself from head to toe with sunscreen and UPF clothing and hat.

Ninety percent of skin cancer are a result of UV exposure so it’s important to protect your skin from the sun while playing and working outdoors.  also carries UPF protection clothing. Skin cancer is no joke so it’s  definitely worth it!

I’m not so much about fishing as I am about catching!  – Randy Drew

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  1. Hey Darlene! Congrats on your lovely married life. I mean seriously we don’t get life partners like you two most often. Your husband Randy is a lucky person too. Whatever, in Missouri there really isn’t get any other store like Bass Pro. Their collection is HUGE. Many anglers don’t put the importance on UPF clothing, which is sad. Luckily my wife does care about me on that. 🙂
    Well wishes for both of you.
    Steve Johnson Jr. recently posted…Don’t Miss The Easiest Fish to CatchMy Profile

    • Thank you for our comments. Yep! Randy’s a keeper! I was not aware of UPF clothing until Randy’s dermatologist recommended it. It’s a must to be protected against the sun rays. Makes for perfect gift for those of us who love to have fun in the sun! Thanks for sharing your post of Don’t Miss The Easiest Fish to Catch. My husband agrees!

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