Surprise Someone By Hiding Gifts Inside a Balloon

Presentation! Presentation! Presentation! We are always trying to find new ways to be creative in gift giving, right? Here is one that is easy, inexpensive, colorful and makes a noise that goes POP! Gifts inside a balloon!

Pop-the-Question-Wedding-Proposal-Gift- Idea-Sunburst- Gifts

Hiding an engagement ring inside a balloon is a creative way to “pop the question!”

In a previous post, I talked about a unique wedding proposal idea. Get a decorative box that has an attached lid that will perfectly fit a blown up balloon. Write or type a note that says “POP ME” and attach it by using a stick pin to the inside of the lid.

She can use the pin to pop the balloon. Place the engagement ring inside a blown up balloon, put it inside the box and close the lid. When she opens the box, pops the balloon and sees her beautiful engagement ring, that’s when you get on bended knee to “pop the question.”

Gift cards have become a common way to give a gift. Usually it is placed in a card, an envelope or a gift bag. BOOOORING!

Surprise him with a gift of a small water cooler with a balloon inside and a note that says, "Pop Me!" This balloon contains an entire sleeve of golf balls!

Surprise him with a gift of a small water cooler with a balloon inside and a note that says, “Pop Me!” This balloon contains an entire sleeve of golf balls!

You can use the box and balloon idea to place a gift card inside the balloon. This is a fun way to give gift cards for any holiday. If giving multiple gift cards inside balloons, get everyone to unwrap their box, follow the instructions, and pop their balloons at the same time.

POP-POP-POP-POP and watch their reaction. It may sound like the Fourth of July at Christmas!

For a gift for him, instead of a box use a small cooler and put the balloon inside. Did you know a balloon can even hold an entire sleeve of golf balls? Really!!! Two gifts in one – the cooler and the golf balls. How cool is that?

Think of all the other small gift items you could hide inside a balloon!

Another idea is to use balloons to hide money. For my grandmother’s sweetheart’s 80th birthday, we hung balloons from the ceiling and placed a few dollars in every balloon to add up to $80.


Hide money inside balloons, and hang them from the ceiling. When the birthday girl or boy pops them, it will rain money!

We gave him a stick pin and told him to pop the balloons. At first he didn’t believe what he was seeing, then he popped another and another until it looked like it was raining money.

He had the biggest smile on his face! Who said money can’t bring you happiness?

You can use the “POP ME” gift idea for any occasion. It’s a unique and fun way to present a small sized gift!

What is success? It is a toy balloon among children armed with pins.  – Gene Fowler

Have you ever given a gift in a balloon? We would love to hear about it. Please share in the comments section.

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    • Queen Darlene

      WOW! Great fun idea of candy in a balloon, I have not tried it but I’m sure it will work. As far as how much candy, try filling it half-way and blowing up the balloon to see how it looks. Maybe you would want to use more than one balloon to use up all of your candy. This is something you can play with and create. Remember, you may be able to see the candy so use darker color balloons. It will help hide the gift and not be so obvious. Let us know how it turns out. Better yet, send a picture!

  1. I tried using the standard 12 inch ballon but can not get the balloon neck to stretch wide enough to accept a gift card. What size balloons did you use? Did you find some with a wider neck? If so, where?

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