Your Bonus Gift Idea!

Here is your bonus awesome gift idea that is perfect for every occasion, every price range and every one! How can that be, you ask? The gift of TIME.

Oh no… not the giving of your time even though that is always a wonderful gift. It’s giving someone a clock or watch and pairing it with a meaningful quote or message. You can write it in an accompanying card or get it engraved on the actual clock or watch.

Here are some of our favorites:Rhinestone-Clocks-&-Watches-Gift-Idea-Sunburst-Gifts

“I love you more every second” (Relationships, couples, also from parents to daughters and sons)

“It’s time to tell you I Love You!” (Relationships, couples, also from parents to daughters and sons)

“For all of the wonderful times we have shared!” (Best friends, siblings)

“Time flies when you’re in love” (Couples)

“Time passes slowly when we’re not together!” (Couples)

“Time stood still when I met you!” (Couples)

“I had the time of my life!” (Fun date, vacation or trip)

“Every second of every minute of every hour of every day, I’m in love with you!” (Great anniversary gift or just because!)

“I love the time we spend together!” (Couples, best friends, also from grandchildren to grandparents)

“It’s time to celebrate!” (Birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations)

Clocks-&-Watches-Gift-Idea-Sunburst-Gifts“It’s time to pursue your dreams!” (Graduation)

“It’s time to relax, sleep-in and enjoy the good life!” (Retirement)

“I fell in love with you the moment I first saw you!” (Couples or from parents and grandparents to a newborn or grandchild)

“It’s time to feel better!” (Get well)

“When we’re together, time stands still!” (Anniversary, couples)

“For always making time for me.” (Parents, grandparents best friend)

This gift can be personalized with your own words for the young or old, lovers, friends, mothers, fathers, kids, grandparents and anyone else you can think of. It’s versatile, meaningful and the selection of choosing just the right time piece is endless because they come in every shape, size, color and design. They can be made for the wall, mantle, desk, night stand, neck or wrist.

You can find beautiful rhinestone or crystal clocks, unusual wall clocks, watches with bling and wall clocks or watches with super heroes or cute characters for the kids. For the guys, you can pick out sports watches or trendy faceless LED watches. You can select a watch that is affordable or go with a high end luxury watch like a Rolex or TAG Heuer.

For the morning-impaired, you can find wheeled alarm clocks that roll away! Atomic clocks that feature the date, day, time and temperature are always popular.

Go ahead and put your special touch on this timeless gift!

Life is short. There is no time to leave important words unsaid.  – Unknown

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