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  • Macarons Gift Boxes & Bouquets

    Macarons Gift Boxes & Bouquets

    Is it macarons or macaroons? I found out recently there IS a difference between the two besides the spelling. A macaroon is coconut based. For this gift idea, I’m referring to macarons, which are meringue based and come in a wide range of colors and flavors. There are SO many colors and flavors to choose […]

  • Photo + Candy Lips | DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

    Photo + Candy Lips | DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

    Feel like making your own Valentine’s Day cards this year? This one is easy peasy and super cute! All you need is a cute photo and candy lips. I used foil-wrapped chocolate candy lips I found at the dollar store, but you can also use lollipop lips. DIY Valentine’s Day Cards Instructions

  • Hershey’s Candy Bar Baby Birth Announcement

    Hershey’s Candy Bar Baby Birth Announcement

    After 14 years, we have a new baby born in the family July 4, 2018. Announcing my great-nephew, Rogan Charles! And… GREAT it is! It’s been so long since we’ve had a newborn in our family that when he was born on Independence Day, we definitely felt the parades, fireworks, and the whole nation celebrating […]

  • Personalized Toy Basket

    Personalized Toy Basket

    Toy baskets are a parent’s best friend… Because they spend so much of their time picking up toys off the floor. Again and again and again. Someone has to pick up those 50 Hot Wheels cars and those 150 pieces of Mega Bloks. Yes, I make my kids help me a lot of the time […]

  • Kids Traceable Thank You Card

    Kids Traceable Thank You Card

    My mother taught me the importance of writing thank you notes, and I’m passing the skills of showing appreciation down to my own children. I started with my oldest child, Aiden, when he was only three years old. I created Color In Thank You Cards since he could color at that age. At age 4, […]

  • Rock Painting Kit

    Rock Painting Kit

    My son and I were shopping at an outdoor mall when he found a piece of “treasure.” He held it in the palm of his little hand. The look on his excited and eager face said, “Can I keep it?” He showed me a smooth, round rock painted red with blue polkadots and a large […]

  • Thoughtful Second Marriage Wedding Gift

    Thoughtful Second Marriage Wedding Gift

    When my friend announced she would be saying “I do” for the second time, I wanted to give her a special wedding gift. Traditional gifts such as dishes, towels and kitchen appliances are usually not needed in a second marriage. I had the perfect opportunity to give a creative and thoughtful wedding gift! Mike and […]

  • A Candy Bouquet for Any Occasion

    A Candy Bouquet for Any Occasion

    Flowers bouquets are considered a perfect gift for any occasion. Although, realistically, women tend to appreciate the gift of flowers more than men. Not so with candy bouquets. Men, women and children love them equally! A candy bouquet is like a flower arrangement except it uses candy instead of flowers. Think about it. Not everyone […]

  • Homemade Peppermint Sugar Scrub

    Homemade Peppermint Sugar Scrub

    Do you know what I love about homemade things? You know exactly what goes into it. The ingredients don’t have weird scientific names like maltodextrin and sodium nitrate because you’re making it in your kitchen and not in some laboratory. My Homemade Peppermint Sugar Scrub recipe contains only four natural ingredients: white granulated sugar almond […]

  • Stuffed Animals Displayed as Art

    Stuffed Animals Displayed as Art

    Most of us have grown up with teddy bears or other beloved stuffed animals. Many of us still have them. They are tucked away forgotten until we come across them stored away in the attic or closet. Oh… that warm fuzzy feeling of seeing your childhood companion! I have a beautiful gift idea to display […]