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Feel like making your own Valentine’s Day cards this year? This one is easy peasy and super cute!

All you need is a cute photo and candy lips.

I used foil-wrapped chocolate candy lips I found at the dollar store, but you can also use lollipop lips.


DIY Valentine’s Day Cards Instructions

Use free photo editing software such as to crop the photo you’ve chosen so it’s a close-up of the face. If you want, you can change the photo to black and white so the candy lips stand out even more. You can also add colorful text and a border.

I added “MWAH!” and a heart. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” or “XOXO” would be perfect too!

Print the photo on white cardstock paper. So it looks proportional, make sure the width of the smile in the printed photo is the same as the width of the candy lips. Cut out the photos and use double-sided tape to attach the foil-wrapped chocolate lips candy. Fun and done!

I made these for my son to take to his school and to give to family members. Everyone thought they were adorable!

I really love this idea for a homemade Valentine’s Day card because instead of an action figure, Disney princess or TV show character on the card, it’s your son or daughter’s cute face!

Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.  – Bernard Meltzer

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