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  • 14 Days of Love Notes for Valentine’s Day

    14 Days of Love Notes for Valentine’s Day

    Do you know what makes a holiday better? The anticipation and excitement leading up to it! Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. Here is a fun way to use the first 14 days in February to show someone how much you love, cherish and appreciate them. Do this for children and adults! The Many Reasons […]

  • Jumbo College Mug | Graduation Gift

    Jumbo College Mug | Graduation Gift

    We’ve had several graduations in our family this year, and it reminded me of one of my favorite graduation gifts. The funny thing is… I gave the gift to myself in celebration of earning my Master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma. I wanted a gift with my alma mater’s logo that I would use […]

  • Changeable Felt Letter Board

    Changeable Felt Letter Board

    Everyone has favorite quotes or sayings they absolutely love. They could be inspiring, funny or motivational, and almost always elicit positive and powerful emotions from within us. This one I probably say the most… WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER It reminds me to see the positive side to something I’ve experienced that was […]

  • 5 Senses Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift

    5 Senses Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift

    Taste. Touch. Sight. Smell. Sound. Show your love in every sense of the word with the “5 Senses” romantic Valentine’s Day gift. When you give your sweetheart 5 gifts that satisfy the 5 senses, you add an entirely new dimension to your Valentine’s Day gift. Time to turn up the heat!

  • Mouthwatering Truffle Oil

    Mouthwatering Truffle Oil

    The aroma of truffle oil seriously makes my mouth water. I’m in love with it! The rich, decadent flavor of the golden oil on my tongue takes me to heaven every time. A drizzle of truffle oil takes a dish from good to gourmet! It recently gave my homemade pizza that “Wow!” factor. After it […]

  • School Lunchbox Love Notes for Kids

    School Lunchbox Love Notes for Kids

    It’s back to school – meaning kids will once again spend the majority of their time at school. Although you’ll be apart, I have a simple and thoughtful way to connect with your child every day during the school week! Use lunchbox love notes to put a smile on their face while they’re at school […]

  • Compact Car Jump Starter | Road Safety

    Compact Car Jump Starter | Road Safety

    My car battery died after work one day, and thankfully a co-worker came to my rescue. He didn’t use jumper cables. He used something even better called a compact car jump starter. It’s better than jumper cables because you don’t need another car to jump you! Peace of Mind on the Road Think about it, […]

  • Clever First Birthday Gift

    Clever First Birthday Gift

    When my son, Axl, turned one year old, my father arrived to the birthday party with the most clever and thoughtful gift! It didn’t come wrapped up with a big bow or in a gift bag with tissue paper like the other birthday gifts. Because it actually wasn’t for my son… Clever First Birthday Gift […]

  • Honor Someone With a Charitable Gift of Purpose

    Honor Someone With a Charitable Gift of Purpose

    A local charity I support, Sunbeam Family Services, offers meaningful holiday gifts with purpose. They’re perfect if someone you know has everything and doesn’t need any material things. By purchasing one of their gifts, a person honors the gift recipient while donating to a worthy cause. It’s a gift you can both feel good about! […]

  • 7 Gifts to Give Children at Christmas

    7 Gifts to Give Children at Christmas

    Have you ever heard of toy hangover? Kids may not recognize it, but parents sure will. Toy hangover occurs the day after Christmas or a birthday when kids are walking around dazed and confused after consuming too many toys in a short period of time. Instead of dazed and confused, parents feel stressed and overwhelmed. […]