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It’s back to school – meaning kids will once again spend the majority of their time at school. Although you’ll be apart, I have a simple and thoughtful way to connect with your child every day during the school week!

Use lunchbox love notes to put a smile on their face while they’re at school because you’ve let them know you’re thinking of them.


Lunchbox Love Notes

What are lunch box love notes?
They are small cards or slips of paper that share a positive, uplifting message.

Here are some examples but the possibilities are endless!

  • I’m your #1 fan
  • You are sooo AWESOME
  • I love you more than ________. (fill in the blank cards)
  • Have lots of fun today!
  • I can’t wait to hear about your day! XOXO
  • Good luck on your test today.
  • An extra special treat for an extra special kid. Love you!
  • Why fit in when you can stand out?

I really like this specific collection of lunchbox notes because the cards are so cute and colorful and because blank cards are included for you to write your own special message. The backs of all of the cards are blank as well so you can add personalized messages there too.

More Ideas for Lunchbox Notes

You can make or purchase all sorts of school lunchbox love notes. They can be sweet, funny or encouraging or they can feature riddles, jokes, inspiring quotes, or fun facts.

What if you don’t pack your child’s lunch?
No worries! Slip lunchbox love notes into their backpack, pencil case, binder or text book.

What if your child isn’t old enough to read?
Cut out from magazines or print from websites some images of things they like or find interesting such as animals or their favorite TV or movie characters. Feel free to jazz up the images by drawing hearts hearts or adding stickers.

You can also design your own lunchbox love notes, use 500 free printables someone else has made, or hand write your own on colorful card stock paper.

The main thing is to take time to thoughtfully express your love to your children even when you’re not together during the school day.

For a thoughtful twist, give lunchbox love notes to your spouse, friend or co-worker to brighten their day!

One kind word can change someone’s entire day.

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