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  • Sympathy Cookie Cake

    Sympathy Cookie Cake

    There are entire businesses built around giving cookie cakes to celebrate special occasions. I remembers as a tween when I suddenly became too cool for a birthday cake. Instead, I wanted a giant cookie cake from Great American Cookies (from the mall!) for my birthday party. The cookie business has evolved since then. Now you […]

  • Photo + Candy Lips | DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

    Photo + Candy Lips | DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

    Feel like making your own Valentine’s Day cards this year? This one is easy peasy and super cute! All you need is a cute photo and candy lips. I used foil-wrapped chocolate candy lips I found at the dollar store, but you can also use lollipop lips. DIY Valentine’s Day Cards Instructions

  • Daddy’s First Milestones | Beer Bottle Sticker Labels

    Daddy’s First Milestones | Beer Bottle Sticker Labels

    Simple. Funny. Tasty. This Father’s Day gift or baby shower gift has it all. This gift celebrates Daddy’s First Milestones when it comes to his new baby by giving him a personalized six-pack of his favorite beer. Daddy’s First Milestones Gift The Daddy’s First Milestones beer bottle sticker label kit celebrates six milestones which are: […]

  • Wooden Beer & Soda Caddy

    Wooden Beer & Soda Caddy

    If you know someone who likes to drink bottled beer, craft beers, root beers, or sodas, then this gift is for them! Give someone six 12-ounce bottles of their favorite beverage in a Wooden Beer & Soda Caddy. The wood has a rustic, handcrafted look, and it’s the perfect accessory for transporting drinks to picnics, […]

  • Giant Greeting Cards

    Giant Greeting Cards

    When you want someone to get your message loud and clear, bigger is better. Giant Greeting Cards supersize any celebration! Pick from big birthday cards, huge holiday cards, giant graduation cards, monstrous Mother’s Day cards, and more! Make a Memorable Statement Giant Greeting Cards are often 2 feet by 3 feet in size, although they […]

  • Unique Custom Painted Shoes

    Unique Custom Painted Shoes

    Do you have Hamilton fever? I haven’t seen the musical yet, but I’m obsessed with the soundtrack. I have my niece, J’menii, to thank for getting me hooked on Hamilton. This same young lady has a thing for Converse sneakers. I’m not exaggerating when I say she has more than 10 pairs of Converse shoes […]

  • Personalized Toy Basket

    Personalized Toy Basket

    Toy baskets are a parent’s best friend… Because they spend so much of their time picking up toys off the floor. Again and again and again. Someone has to pick up those 50 Hot Wheels cars and those 150 pieces of Mega Bloks. Yes, I make my kids help me a lot of the time […]

  • Custom Throw Pillows Add Personal Touch

    Custom Throw Pillows Add Personal Touch

    I love how throw pillows can make a creative statement on a sofa, chair or bed. They’re almost like “pillow art” because they come in so many unique designs, colors and textures! Give Custom Throw Pillows But did you know it’s easy to create your own custom, personalized throw pillows for yourself or as a […]

  • Namesake Keepsake Ornament

    Namesake Keepsake Ornament

    For me, one of my favorite parts of having children is picking baby names. Boy did I have fun with it! Especially with my sons’ middle names. My oldest son, Aiden, was born in 2012 during the Year of the Dragon so his middle name became Dragen. For my youngest son, Axl, I picked King […]

  • Custom Birthday Plate | Fun Tradition

    Custom Birthday Plate | Fun Tradition

    We all want to feel special on our birthday. Sometimes it’s the little things that make us feel EXTRA special. Like getting to use a personalized birthday plate while every else uses paper plates. Kids will especially love this tradition. All year long, they will anticipate getting to eat a big slice of cake on […]