Daddy’s First Milestones | Beer Bottle Sticker Labels

Simple. Funny. Tasty. This Father’s Day gift or baby shower gift has it all.

This gift celebrates Daddy’s First Milestones when it comes to his new baby by giving him a personalized six-pack of his favorite beer.

Daddy’s First Milestones Gift


The Daddy’s First Milestones beer bottle sticker label kit celebrates six milestones which are:

  1. Time He Gets Peed On
  2. Time Alone With the Baby
  3. Diaper Explosion
  4. Baby On the Move
  5. Date Night
  6. Guys Night Out

Every time he achieves one of the milestones, he gets to crack open one of his favorite beers!

The stickers are hilarious. For example, the sticker for Time He Gets Peed On reads:

Some things are just out of your control–like the weather, your favorite team’s winning record, and most importantly, your child’s bladder. Congratulations, you got peed on and are now officially a dad!

Go Ahead… Crack Open a Beer.

daddys-first-milestones-beer-bottle-labelsThe rest of the stickers are equally hilarious so this gift will definitely bring a smile and a laugh to Dad’s face!

If Dad doesn’t drink beer, you can always give him a six-pack of his favorite soda.

The gift is easy peasy to put together because you only need two things–a six-pack of his favorite bottled beer and the Daddy’s First Milestones beer bottle sticker label kit.

Beer Bottle Sticker Labels

The kit comes with enough stickers for six bottles, a kraft paper carrier, and stickers to decorate the carrier.

Add the stickers to beer bottles that are room temperature. The kit comes with two stickers for each bottle–one large bottle label and one small neck label. The stickers can be placed over the existing labels and it looks great, which is what I did.

But if you want it to look absolutely perfect, you’ll want to remove the original bottle labels.

What’s great is that the Daddy’s First Milestones beer bottle sticker label kit comes with stickers made out of high-quality glossy paper. Once you put place them on the bottles at room temperature, you can stick them in a cooler and they won’t get messed up if they get wet.

There is a different sticker label kit for dads-to-be called Husband to Daddy. The pregnancy announcement labels read “The best Husbands get promoted to Daddy. We’ve having a baby!

Guys can be tricky to buy for when it comes to Father’s Day and baby shower gifts, but you can’t go wrong with their favorite beer given with a thoughtful twist!

TIP: If the bottles are too big to fit inside the carrier, you can always put the beer inside a gift basket with peanuts like this.

Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.  – Anne Geddes

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