Beers From Around the World Gift Basket


I have to give credit where credit is due. This gift idea came from my husband Kevin. It’s an awesome gift that men will love!

imported beers in plastic tub filled with whole in shell roasted peanutsBuy a selection of beers that are made in different countries from around the world. Stick them in a tub, basket or bucket, then use whole-in-shell peanuts as an edible filling.

If you buy a dozen beers, you can create a tag that says, “Around the World in 12 Beers” to go along with the gift.

Here are the beers from around the world (imported beers) that are commonly found:

  • Corona, Dos Equis, Sol, Tecate | Mexico
  • Red Stripe | Jamaica
  • Newcastle Brown Ale | England
  • Guinness, Smithwicks | Ireland
  • Sapporo, Asahi | Japan
  • Tsingtao | Chinaimported beers in plastic tub filled with whole in shell roasted peanuts
  • Stella Artois – Belgium
  • St. Pauli Girl – Germany
  • Amstel, Heineken | Netherlands
  • Peroni | Italian
  • San Miguel | Philippines
  • Foster’s | Australian

Besides Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmas, this git idea works well in a gift exchange since you know the men will like it, and probably the women too!

 Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world.  – Jack Nicholson

Let me know if there are some other beers you think I should add to the above list by adding it in the Comments section.

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