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Starting from scratch has been such an exciting and rewarding project. It’s like I’ve given birth to a second child without the nine month wait and the whole alien-taking-over-my-body thing.

I definitely get even less sleep now because I stay up writing blog posts but I’m having a blast watching our subscribership grow each day!

sign with favorite quote or favorite saying gift ideaJoining me on this incredible journey is my blogging partner Queen Darlene (Darlene Drew). We seriously go together like chips and salsa (my favorite snack btw!).

We have so much fun sharing our passion of giving thoughtful gifts with the world that working with her on our blog is not “work” at all. I wanted to celebrate our new blog and partnership by surprising her with a – you guessed it! – thoughtful gift.

In one of our conversations, Darlene mentioned how her mother would always tell her to “Find A Way” to get something done. Darlene’s mother may have been deaf but she never let that stand in her way.  Because of her mother, Darlene lives her life by that phrase. It’s her favorite saying.

I told her I also live life with the same “Find A Way” attitude! In addition to that phrase, I also like “No Excuses,” “Just Do It,” and “Get ‘Er Done.”

Darlene’s mother passed away not too long ago and they were extremely close. I knew it would mean a lot to her to have something with the words “Find A Way” written on it that she could look at every day.

So I had someone hand paint “Find A Way” in Sunburst Gifts’ colors (yellow and robin egg blue) on a wooden sign that she could hang on a wall or stand upright on a flat surface. I had one made for me too because “Find A Way” will now become the official mantra by which we run our blog!

Those three words – Find A Way – voiced so many times by Darlene’s mother will impact and live on through our blog

Surprise Queen Darlene! I know you’re an early bird and you will be one of the first people to read this blog post!

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