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I’ve mentioned before that the number one gift request for graduation is money. I’ve also talked about how impersonal it feels to write a check or place money in a greeting card.

graduation-check-book-money-thoughtful-gift-ideaThe Checkbook Money Gift is so easy peasy you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it!

You’ll need new one dollar bills from your bank. The amount is up to you.

You’ll also need a checkbook cover. You can use the free checkbook covers from your bank, or purchase one with a style, color or design that fits the graduate’s interest or personality. Instead of a checkbook cover, you can use a wallet with an insert for a checkbook.

graduation-check-book-cut-corners-thoughtful-gift-ideaTake the bills to the copier department of a FedEx Office or other office supply store. Ask a sales clerk to glue the long end of the dollar bills together on cardboard paper slightly smaller than the size of the bills.

Cut diagonal edges at the bottom of the cardboard so it will easily fit inside the plastic pocket. Insert the booklet of cash into the checkbook cover just like you would your checks. There you have it!

graduation-check-book-money-wallet-thoughtful-gift-ideaWhen the graduate opens the checkbook, he or she won’t have ever seen anything like it!

The dollar bills won’t even look real. Inform him or her that they are indeed real, and they just peel off the amount they want to spend.

My nephew liked his gift so much he kept it for a very long time. He hated to tear the dollar bills out of the checkbook. That’s one way to get kids to save money!

The Checkbook Money Gift definitely wins for giving money in a unique way whether it’s for graduation, a birthday or Christmas.

Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.  – Warren Buffet

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