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  • MasterClass.com | Online Classes From Famous Celebrities

    MasterClass.com | Online Classes From Famous Celebrities

    I’m sure at some point everyone has probably dreamed of getting the inside scoop from a famous celebrity to learn what makes them so good at what they do. We all want to know the secret to their success! What can Helen Mirren teach us about how to be an award-winning actor? Or Serena Williams […]

  • Pumpkin Spice Gift Basket

    Pumpkin Spice Gift Basket

    For some people, this is their favorite season of the year. They go crazy for it! I’m not talking about fall y’all. Or about winter, spring or summer. I’m talking about Pumpkin Spice season! When pumpkin spice everything is available for a limited-time-only. I myself go crazy over Pumpkin Spice cereal. I once made a […]

  • Elephant & Piggie Books

    Elephant & Piggie Books

    When my son, Aiden, turned either one or two years old, he received Elephant & Piggie books for his birthday. Before then, I had never heard of Elephant, Piggie or their author and illustrator–Mo Willems. Well, Mo Willems is a children’s book genius and his books contain a unique style! It wasn’t long before I […]

  • Welcome Gifts for New Boss

    Welcome Gifts for New Boss

    I have a new boss for the first time in 20 years! Deborah has worked at our agency for 34 years, and when our previous executive director announced he was retiring, she applied and was selected. We are so fortunate to have a new leader that is someone we already know and love! First Day […]

  • 7 Gifts to Give Children at Christmas

    7 Gifts to Give Children at Christmas

    Have you ever heard of toy hangover? Kids may not recognize it, but parents sure will. Toy hangover occurs the day after Christmas or a birthday when kids are walking around dazed and confused after consuming too many toys in a short period of time. Instead of dazed and confused, parents feel stressed and overwhelmed. […]

  • Pep Rally Office Retirement Party

    Pep Rally Office Retirement Party

    Our office landscape is changing due to the retirement of baby boomers. We’ve already had three retire this year! When a longtime employee is retiring, it can get teary-eyed and emotional but a fun office retirement party will bring out the celebration and laughter. Phil retired after 30 years and for his send-off we organized a […]

  • Graduation Gift for Your Parents

    Graduation Gift for Your Parents

    Graduation is all about the graduate. The celebrations, gifts and parties. Yet, we all know the graduate didn’t arrive at graduation without lots of support. Graduates, this post is for you. You will receive accolades, compliments, praise, and many gifts. But have you thought about gifts for the people who helped you along the way? […]

  • Open When… Envelopes

    Open When… Envelopes

    There’s a reason “___ of the Month” clubs are so popular. People love opening surprise gifts on a regular basis! Most gifts you can open only once. But not Open When… Envelopes. Gift recipients will receive multiple envelopes containing gifts they’ll be able to open over a period of months! For this gift idea, you […]

  • 33 Awesome & Thoughtful Stocking Stuffers

    33 Awesome & Thoughtful Stocking Stuffers

    Not all stocking stuffers are created equal. Just because something is small enough to fit inside a stocking doesn’t mean it should find itself there Christmas morning. Don’t bother with trinkets. Instead, fill your loved ones’ Christmas stockings with some of these thoughtful treasures! By using our Amazon affiliate links to shop, you will be […]

  • Fun Themes for Christmas Gift Exchanges

    Fun Themes for Christmas Gift Exchanges

    Have you ever thought of having a theme for your family’s Christmas gift exchange? It takes some of the guessing out of what to get Aunt Bev, Uncle Bob and Cousin Larry. My friend, Elise, and her family plan a fun theme idea every year for their Dirty Santa gift exchange. They have a very […]