Fun Themes for Christmas Gift Exchanges

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Have you ever thought of having a theme for your family’s Christmas gift exchange? It takes some of the guessing out of what to get Aunt Bev, Uncle Bob and Cousin Larry.

My friend, Elise, and her family plan a fun theme idea every year for their Dirty Santa gift exchange. They have a very large family – with many aunts, uncles, first, university-of-oklahoma-ball-cap-thoughtful-gift-ideassecond and third cousins along with grandparents and grandchildren. One year they had an All Things University of Oklahoma theme for Christmas. It was a hit because they are huge OU fans. Elise says it’s one of the few things they all agree on!

Here are some of the OU gifts they exchanged: OU ball caps, t-shirts, blankets, stadium seats, sun glasses, sweatshirts, sweatpants, key rings, cups, glasses, mugs, bags, flags, banners, golf gear, shorts and watches. They were easy to find and everyone was happy to have an OU item.

scrub-daddy-thoughtful-gift-ideaAnother theme idea is for everyone to trade gift baskets and you choose what you want to put in them. You could create a Cold and Flu Basket that includes the over-the-counter meds, soup, throw, DVD movie and/or book.

How about “There’s Someone in the Kitchen with Dinah” Basket with kitchen towels, dish cloths, hot pan holders, utensils, knives and scrubbers. Have you seen the Scrub Daddy? It’s awesome!  You could also make a S’mores maker Basket. Choose from various S’mores makers and just add graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows.

An As Seen on TV theme is a favorite of mine. There are so many interesting products from which to choose! There’s the The Chia Pet that comes with decorative planter and seeds. But wait…there’s more…The Clapper! Clap on – clap off. And the Ontel Magic Tracks Mega Set – Flexible, Bendable Glow in the Dark Racetrack!

After the exchange is finalized, have volunteers show their talent as the As Seen on TV announcer for their gift. I can hear them now… “for only $9.99 not only do you get the 10 piece knife set, it also includes the stretchable water hose and onion chopping wizard!”

Elise’s family has even used the American Pickers as a theme. The TV show is about two antique hunters traveling the U.S. “picking” items for resale, for clients, or for their own personal collection. This theme was perfect as the family had lots of old items to choose from on their grandparents farm, garage, barns and even a storage ditch. Yes, a storage ditch!

Never heard of one either but apparently it is a gold mine of things that can be re-purposed. One person found a foot board, painted it, attached a metal flower to it, strung wire across, and then hung family pictures with clothes pins. There’s always that one in the family that is creative and can make a DIY gift like this.

Christmas is a time of getting together with family. If your family is ready to change things up, pick a theme for your Christmas gift exchange. It will make the yearly custom fun and novel again!

My Christmases have always just been very simple and about family.  – Julie Roberts, American country music singer


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