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When my mother Robyn turned 50 years old, her six children wanted to show her just how much we love her. Our gift needed to leave a mark on her memory as big as the mark she had made in our hearts and lives.

Private Music Concert Meaningful Gift Idea

My mother and grandfather sing and clap along to the music Edgar Cruz plays on his guitar.

Instead of having her children one at a time, our mother pretty much had us all at once. My parents adopted my two brothers (Garry and Kevin), my two sisters (Jeny and Julia) and me so my siblings and I could stay together. A few years later, we added Ochi to our family.

That still blows my mind because I didn’t have Aiden until I was 30. My parents were in their late 20s when they opened their hearts and home to five kids ranging from ages five to 18! God bless them!

My brothers and sisters and I decided to DOUBLE surprise our mother on her birthday.

Her first surprise was when my sister Julia showed up at her birthday party. Julia lives in South Carolina so our mother just assumed she wouldn’t make it. Surprise!

Private Music Concert Edgar Cruz Meaningful Gift IdeaHer second surprise was when someone rang the doorbell in the middle of the party. It was EDGAR CRUZ – probably the best guitarist in Oklahoma City. Surprise again!

You could see the shock and delight on my mother’s face. She could not stop smiling.  And that smile never left her face–not once–during the whole two hours Edgar Cruz played his guitar for our family. He shared his music and his stories. He even took song requests.

It was a private music concert my mother still talks about to this day. She calls it one of the happiest moments of her life.

Family is like music, some high notes, some low notes, but always a beautiful song. – Unknown.



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