Paint Your Own Pottery Experience

When I visit my sister’s family, I always like to give my three nieces the gift of a new experience.


Now that my oldest niece is 16 and I have a four-year old son, I needed to come up with an experience that teenagers AND young children would enjoy. That’s a little tough, but I came up with the perfect idea! Adults will enjoy it too!

I took everyone to a paint your own pottery studio where each of us picked out an unfinished ceramic pottery to paint.

The studio had a TON of choices and to inspire customers it displayed examples of what the final painted products could look like.

Ceramic Pottery

I picked out a Christmas sweater platter, and my son picked out a dinosaur. My sister picked out a Christmas mug, while her 16-year old niece picked out a jar. My 13-year old niece picked out a turtle shaped container, and my nine-year old niece picked out a Hello Kitty figurine. See! Something for everyone!

The pottery studio provided all of the painting supplies, glazing and firing. All we needed to do was unleash our creativity!

paint-own-pottery-experience-giftWe all enjoyed coming up with our design and picking out our paint colors. Then we started painting.

The youngest children took less time, but it took the rest of us more than two hours to finish our ceramic pieces. Time went by quickly though because we were all so absorbed in the creative process of painting our own masterpiece!

As a final touch, we all painted our names and the year on the bottom of our pottery. We left our works of art with the studio to be glazed and fired in the kiln. A few days later, we returned to pick them up.

Our painted pottery pieces all turned out so shiny and beautiful! I loved seeing how proud everyone was of their art.

paint-own-pottery-experience-giftWhat a wonderful experience painting pottery together as a family. It’s definitely something we want to do again soon.

I’m even considering having my son’s next birthday party at the paint your own pottery studio near our home. Painting a 3D object is a lot cooler than painting on canvas or paper. It’s something we don’t do very often so it’s more of a unique experience.

Paint Pottery to Give as Gifts

Paint your own pottery studios are also great places to create one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family. You can decorate pottery with someone’s name or the names of everyone in the family. You can also add children’s handprints and footprints to create sentimental gifts for parents and grandparents.

Plates, platters, planters, bowls, figurines, and more – every single item at a paint your own pottery studio can be personalized. So go paint your art out!

Painting seems like some kind of peculiar miracle that I need to have again and again.  – Philip Guston

My three nieces hold up their creative masterpieces!

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