The Most Romantic Present A Guy Can Give to a Girl

Men – read closely. This Valentine’s Day gift I am about to reveal is THE most romantic present a guy can give to a girl. I’m not joking.

Most Romantic Present Box of Love Notes Gift IdeaWhen my husband Kevin and I met in college, he gave me a Valentine’s Day present that completely melted my heart and made me fall in love with him all over again. Here’s what he wrote in his Valentine’s Day card to me:

… The box is the most special present. Inside it, there are 67 cards, one for each week we have been together. The blue ones are special memories, the red ones are things I love about you, and the blank ink ones are quotes, some of which are from yours truly. Also, there are give coupon cards which are special surprises. I hope you like them all, and may the future hold many more amazing memories together.

Your lover,

He even picked a yellow box because it’s my favorite color.

When I started reading all 67 cards, I could feel my love for him bursting in my heart. I started crying and laughing at the same time! What he had written showed me just how much he loved me and also brought back so the memories of the special times we had spent together.

Here are what some of the different cards said.

Blue ink cards = Special Memories

I’ll never forget the night when we took a walk on campus and ended up by the library talking about PIT and our childhood memories. We have so much in common.

I got butterflies in my stomach when I held your hand during K-Pax on our first date after we got back together.

I think that the first time we played beer pong you talked more shit than anyone had ever talked to me, but I LOVED it.

Red ink cards = Things I Love About You

Why do you have to be so damn hot, smart and sexy?

I love your hair… curly or straight. XOXO

I love you more than you and Leslie love a good sale or bargain.

Black ink cards = Quotes

Loving someone causes your emotions to multiply X 50.  – Kevin Jaeger

If I know what love is it is because of you.  – Herman Hesse

When there is love, there is life.  – Ghandi

Some cards are a little too risque and intimate for me to share. You could say they reveal more Dirty Diana than Princess Diana. (Scandalous!)

One of the coupons read:
This coupon is good for a massage redeemable at any time. (Unless I’m asleep!)

That Valentine box full of 67 love notes, memories and quotes was the most romantic gift I had ever received! The thoughtfulness behind each of the 67 handwritten cards told me in 67 different ways “I love you.”

Kevin gave me this Valentine’s Day gift more than 10 years ago and I’ve never parted with it. His romantic present made it obvious – it’s a keeper and so is he!

He’s not your prince charming if he doesn’t make sure you know that you’re his princess. – Demi Lovato

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