Ultra Bright Flashlight for Gal Pal

flashlight-for-girlfriend-thoughtful-gift-ideaTactile Ultra Bright Flashlights are not just for guys while camping or hunting! Gals need them too.

I needed a birthday gift for my girlfriend, Karen. We met at my office when she represented a client through Legal Aid. We became instant friends, played on a tennis team together, and have been exchanging gifts for almost 20 years!

I’m always on the hunt for something we haven’t exchanged before and came up with the idea of a sturdy, small but powerful flashlight. A flashlight that had some umph!!!

I purchased the Ultra Bright Flashlight because it is compact, easy to carry in a purse, shines a very bright light up to 600 feet, uses a single AA battery, has zoom and high-low-strobe modes.

A flashlight is a little unusual gift for a woman but listen up.

They come in quite handy when the electricity goes out, searching for items in dark places like the back of closets, cabinets or underneath a car seat for a lost earring.

It’s perfect for the glove compartment if needed and a must have for dog walking at night!

Karen walks to and from her office building from her parking lot. Especially during the winter months, it can be very dark early in the morning and depending upon what time she gets off work in the evening, the sun could already be out of sight.

I thought a flashlight would be helpful and make the walk a little safer.

We met for our usual luncheon birthday celebrations and she opened her gift. She was thrilled and had been meaning to get a flashlight for all of the above reasons.

I’m happy, she’s happy! She enjoyed receiving an unexpected but useful gift. Mission accomplished!

May the light always shine brightly on your path.  – American Native Prayer

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