The Gift of Time Away

We have so many responsibilities in our lives – working to pay the bills, raising kids, running a household, giving back to our community… The list goes on and on. And on.

When was the last time YOU had 24 hours or an entire weekend just to yourself?

When was the last time YOUR SPOUSE had 24 hours or an entire weekend to himself or herself?


With all of the pressures and stress we face, we all need some “me time” or if you’re a parent you might call it “adult time.” What you or your partner may need is the Gift of Time Away.

The Gift of Time Away

For a thoughtful gift, give your partner one or more days for himself/herself with zero responsibilities. He/she won’t have to do any chores, run any errands, or watch any kids.

You’re essentially giving them the free time and freedom to do what makes them happy!

Encourage someone to:

  • catch up with friends
  • sleep in late
  • shop until they drop
  • binge watch movies or TV shows
  • play video games
  • go out of town for a weekend getaway with their best friend

Someone who feels overworked or stretched thin will value the Gift of Time Away more than any other.

A person whose Love Language is Quality Time will also love this gift. It can be given as a birthday gift, Valentine’s Day gift, Christmas gift, Mother’s Day gift or Father’s Day gift. A Babysitting Certificate is one way to give the Gift of Time Away.

We can always make more money but we can’t make more time.

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