Speak Out Mouthpiece Challenge Game

When was the last time you doubled over, your side hurting and you couldn’t breathe from laughing so much? Do I have the side splitting game for you! Speak Out is the ridiculous mouthpiece challenge game.speak-out-mouthpiece-challenge-game-thoughtful-gift-idea

The object of the game is to earn cards by successfully guessing phrases. The team with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

Simple enough, but not really.

It works by inserting a dental looking mouthpiece into your mouth. There are instructions on how to do this.

When you are ready to go, flip over the sand timer. Draw a card from the top of the deck and read the phrase out loud.

As you can imagine the person with a mouthpiece looks so silly when saying the words and it doesn’t sound anything like the card.

This is where the fun really begins when your teammates are having difficulty guessing the phrase correctly.

speak-out-game-mouthpiece-thoughtful-gift-ideaFor example:

You try to say “strategic booger flick” but it sounds like “ha teg ic  ooger  halick”. Or say “quirky beet farmer” and it sounds like “cawkee   eat   harmer”. 

Oh another thing, the phrases do not make sense. It does create more laughter though!

I will have to admit we threw out the sand timer, stopped using the rules and didn’t count how many cards each team won. Why? Because we were having too much fun.

In our family, we didn’t care who was winning. It was hysterical laughter by everyone. Even the spectators laughed as much as the participants.

Maybe next time we can better control ourselves to follow the rules even though I doubt it. It’s that much fun.

Speak Out is guranteed laughter every time for a family gathering or just invite friends over to play. It will be the best bellly-laugh time ever!

Always have fun, laugh and be silly because it’s the best part of the day!


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