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I told my brother, Harvey, I started researching for a new cell phone.

I wanted a larger screen as I’m always looking for my reading glasses. It’s a pain when your body parts start to fail you!

I was in no hurry to spend money purchasing a new phone when my four-year old phone still worked, and my brother knew it.

Harvey is my biggest fan and never fails to read my Sunburst Gifts articles every week. He told me he had to come up with a creative gift for the gift giving Queen! Well… he did an amazing job!

toy-flip-phone-hide-cash-thoughtful-gift-ideaFor my birthday, I opened my gift to find a toy flip phone. I was perplexed and Harvey told me, “It’s a flip phone. Open it.”

I flipped the phone open and WOW was totally surprised! Hidden inside the toy phone was some cash, and I knew exactly what it was for Рa new phone.

I immediately asked, “Where did you get the phone? What made you think of such a creative gift? Was it difficult to find a toy phone?”

His response to my questions were, “Walmart. Reading your blog. No.”

It was such a fun gift that my reaction not only made him smile, but it also made me grin from ear to ear! I hired him right then and there to come up with more gift ideas for Sunburst Gifts.

I have the best brother ever! He made me laugh when he said, “Can you hear me now? I want you to get the phone you want.”

What an entertaining and thoughtful way to give someone cash for purchasing a new phone. Thanks little brother!

The only reason we keep our house phone is to use it as the cell phone locator.

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