Butterfly Fairy Hair Clips

I love handmade gifts. I remember watching my mother create beautiful gifts from vintage jewelry.

monarch-butterfly-fairy-hair-clips-thoughtful-gift-ideaMy mother and I would also help each other handcraft unique gift ideas waaay before Etsy ever came along. Mom would have loved Etsy.com where you can shop for anything made by creative people everywhere and where she could have shared her gifts too!

When an Etsy email pops up, I’m always curious to see who created what. Oh my… what a find this time. Butterflies! They are exquisite!

Wild and Free Jewelry created by Corina Alulquoy Brown are inspired by the ocean, wildlife, and Native American culture. You have to look at her website!

Handmade Butterfly Hair Clips

My favorites are the beautifully handcrafted butterfly hair clips by Corina.


Immediately, my son’s girlfriend, Danielle, came to mind for her Christmas gift because she has amazing beautiful, long black hair. Perfect for butterflies.

The delicate and elegant Monarch Butterfly Hair Clips come in various quantities and assorted sizes (1.5 inches and 3 inches).

I ordered a set of 20 and waited patiently as it takes one to two weeks for delivery since the butterflies are handmade. When the box arrived, it was exactly like I had hoped!

The Butterfly Fairy Hair Clips looked so exquisite, dainty and graceful. They’re perfect for both young girls or adults!

Here is one more reason I like doing business on Etsy–I received a handwritten thank you from Cornia.

I love-love-love supporting small businesses!

OH MY GOODNESS, there are so many more colors, designs and gifts to choose from Wild and Free Jewelry such as butterfly crowns, and sea shell tiaras.

Change of plans, Christmas is too far in the future so I’m giving Danielle the butterflies sooner rather than later. I just can’t wait to see 20 butterflies in her hair.

Mom when I see butterflies, I think of you!

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