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If children can write, they should write handwritten thank you notes.


Gift givers like to know their gift was received and appreciated. By receiving a handwritten thank you card, they can be happy knowing it was!

A parent could write a thank you note on a child’s behalf, but it doesn’t have the same impact. Plus, parents miss out on teaching their child important life lessons in proper etiquette and in expressing gratitude and thankfulness.

My son, Aiden, recently celebrated his 6th birthday–Power Rangers style! He received all kinds of wonderful presents from family and friends.

Thank You Notes for Kids

I’ve had my son help with his thank you cards since the age of 3. Now that he is in kindergarten and can write words pretty well, I had him use Fill in the Blank Thank You Notes.

He isn’t use to writing entire sentences yet, so fill in the blanks thank you cards are perfect for his grade level and ability.

fill-in-the-blank-thank-you-notesOn every card, he wrote down 1) the gift giver’s name, 2) the gift(s) received, 3) what he thought about it, and 4) his name.

He did a really great job! I can also tell he is forming a positive habit of writing thank you notes. How do I know? He doesn’t complain about doing them–in fact, he enjoys writing them!

You can purchase Fill in the Blank Thank You Notes. I’ve also written about other types of thank you cards for kids that you might want to check out:

Writing thank you notes reminds us of our gratitude and gives us an opportunity to make someone else feel valued.

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