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Even though toddlers can’t write thank you cards for their gifts, they do have the ability to color.

kids-color-in-thank-you-cards-toddlersColor-in thank you cards allow young children to use their artistic abilities to show their appreciation using markers, crayons, colored pencils or paint.

Gift givers will enjoy opening their thank you card and seeing your child’s artwork on the cover. If it’s pretty, it will bring a smile to their face. It if it’s messy, well they’ll get a good chuckle from it!

My three-year old son used markers to color his thank you cards. Although he won’t be earning any awards for coloring in between the lines any time soon, each card is his own original work of art which made them special. And I think much better than store-bought cards!


Each thank you card turns out unique and special!

My toddler’s color-in thank you cards were a hit with our friends and family, and they enjoyed receiving something unique and different. offers several color-in thank you card designs on its website.

I made my own printable color-in thank you card, and you can download it for free. Print it on 8.5 x 11 inch paper in landscape mode. Then cut the sheet down the middle to create two note cards and fold each one in half.

For a thoughtful twist, write your toddler’s thank you notes as if he or she had written them.

For example, here is one note I wrote:


Thank you so much for my I Spy puzzle game! The first time I played with it my Mommy helped me do half of them, and then I did the rest all by myself because I’m a BIG BOY!

Love, Aiden

With a little creativity, thank you cards can be fun for kids and their parents!

Even little ones can say thank you in big ways.

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