Gift Card to New Store in Town

It’s fun to experience a new store in your town or city. The excitement and buzz of a grand opening is usually all over the media and the talk of the office.

trader-joes-gift-card-thoughtful-gift-ideaFor my birthday, my boss gave me a gift card to Trader Joe’s that recently opened its first store in Oklahoma City.

What a pleasant surprise! I’ve been to Trader Joe’s in other cities and have waited 26 years for it to open here because I love Trader Joe’s!

When we visit our friends in New Mexico, we always make a stop and purchase what we can haul back home in the car!

I like finding unique, interesting and delicious foods at reasonable prices and can’t wait to see if they still carry my favorite granola nut cereal, a Trader Joe’s specialty.

I also love Trader Joe’s website. It has wonderful recipes featuring their amazing food products. The inside of Trader Joe’s reminds me of the old time grocery stores owned by the local merchant everybody knows.

Give a fun shopping experience! If you like giving gift cards, be on the look out for new stores or restaurants that open in your area.

A gift card allows recipients to select their own gift for birthdays, Christmas or any occasion while giving them the opportunity to shop inside a brand-new store.

When I was young, I would never have thought I’d be this excited to receive a gift card to check out a local grocery store. But hey, I’m not young anymore and it’s Trader Joe’s!

Shopping in the newest store in town is always a fun experience.

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