Tell Someone’s Story With a Floating Charm Locket Necklace

The newest trend of charm bracelets are Floating Charm Locket Necklaces. It’s a unique way to tell stories with jewelry by giving a locket containing charms depicting someone’s hobbies or experiences, or commemorating celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or weddings.

floating-charm-locket-thoughtful-gift-ideaI gave my girlfriend, Janet, a floating charm necklace for her birthday. The charms I chose were a cake with candles to celebrate her birthday, the letter “J” for her name and because she loves to take lots and lots of photos, I added a camera charm. She loved it!

Floating Charm Locket Necklaces come in different shapes such as round, heart or animal. You can choose from hundreds of cute, beautiful and colorful charms so it’s easy peasy to find charms that fit their personality and tell their personal “story.”

A floating charm locket necklace is a great gift idea to start a new tradition of adding special charms for future occasions.

There are several brands that create Floating Charm Locket Necklaces. You can find them on or in Hallmark stores.

Everyone has their own charm. Sometimes it’s hidden and has to be found.

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  1. I was looking for some Valentine gift ideas when I land here. I think that floating locket necklace is just awesome. I think I should really get it. Thanks for the share Queen.


  2. Queen Darlene


    We’re so happy you found a gift idea that you like and yes, you should really get it! What is so sweet about the floating necklace is that you can add to it on future celebrations. Each charm would still be a surprise and cherished. For more awesome gift ideas, continue to check our website! We love sharing stories about our gift ideas!

    Queen Darlene

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