Framed Sentimental Keepsakes

Ever wonder what to do with keepsakes?

framed-granddaddys-personal-items-thoughtful-gift-ideaMy mother was extremely creative. She was also very sentimental and rarely threw anything away. One of my favorite keepsakes she framed were my grandfather’s personal items like his old straight blade razor, shaving brush, hair clippers and coin purse.

Yes, coin purse. He didn’t like having loose change in the pockets of his overalls.

I have fond memories hearing the “ding ding” of the ice cream truck coming down the street. When I asked him for money, he would pull out his coin purse while my brothers chased the ice cream man to stop. We were a great team to pull that feat off no matter where we were in the neighborhood.

My grandfather always had the biggest smile after seeing the three of us walk up to his front porch with our favorite ice cream in hand.

When loved ones pass away, it’s nice to have something of theirs to help keep the memories alive.

Gramp’s Pipes

frame-gramps-pipes-thoughtful-gift-ideaWhen my husband’s father passed away in 2011, he kept all of Gramps’ pipes – 11 to be exact.

For years the pipes stayed in a plastic bag hidden in the back of a closet. I thought a better use would be to frame a pipe for each family member as a keepsake Christmas gift.

He loved smoking his pipe in his man cave that was set up in the garage with a black and white 13″ inch TV and rocking chair.

You could always smell the pipe aroma as Gramps would either sit and watch the news and weather or work on “honey-do” projects.

We all remember him holding a pipe. It was so much a part of his attire!

In fact, his pipes have worn places where his thumb held the bowl and that makes them even more special.

Framed Sentimental Keepsakes

I have framed heirloom dishes of my mom, grandmother and great-grandmother. My next project is to frame their jewelry.

Estate sales and garage sales are excellent sources for beautiful inexpensive picture frames you can use to frame sentimental keepsakes. I sprayed painted a couple to make them look new again.

You can frame your keepsake or take them, like I did, to the local craft store and have them do it for you.

Now you have an idea of what to do with keepsakes. Frame it, give it as a gift, or keep it for yourself.

Telling stories and keeping memories alive are the best way to connect generations of families.

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