Hands-Free Headlamp Beanie Cap

Guys love cool technology. At least the guys in my family do!

beanie-cap-led-lights-thoughtful-gift-ideaMy dog, Cricket, gives out Christmas presents too. This year, she’s giving my husband a black Hands-Free Headlamp Beanie Cap with LED lights. Cricket thinks he can use it to light the way when he takes her on walks at night.

This kind features two bright piercing spotlights for distance viewing and two soft floodlights for close range tasks. Although it’s a flashlight and a hat combined, it’s washable and made of comfortable lightweight fleece.

My husband is always working on some project in the garage year round so a Hands-Free Headlamp Beanie Cap will definitely come in handy during the cold winter months. They are also a useful accessory for camping, fishing, hunting, emergencies, reading, auto repair, or home improvement.

They are just too cool so I purchased two more as gifts – an orange beanie for my electrician brother who works in all kinds of weather and a camouflage beanie for my 13-year old nephew.

You can find LED flashlight beanie caps at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cabela’s or Amazon. They come in different colors, and they are also available in the style of a baseball cap.

If you need a stocking stuffer for the guys on your Christmas list or just a unique gift that is fun yet practical, I highly recommend it.

The best gadget is the human brain.  – Ed Kovacs

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