Honor Someone With a Charitable Gift of Purpose

A local charity I support, Sunbeam Family Services, offers meaningful holiday gifts with purpose. They’re perfect if someone you know has everything and doesn’t need any material things.

By purchasing one of their gifts, a person honors the gift recipient while donating to a worthy cause. It’s a gift you can both feel good about!charitable-gift-purpose-donation-thoughtful-gift

The charity offers a wide variety of gifts at a range of prices that support different programs for the needy. Other charities sell similar “gifts” that fund their own cause.

For $15 you can buy school lunches. For $75 you can purchase a backpack filled with school supplies. For $30 you can purchase meals for homeless seniors. For $50 you can provide shelter for one homeless senior. For $500 you can provide shelter for 10 seniors.

By giving friends and family gifts that have a positive social impact, you’ll be making a difference in people’s lives. 

I love that after purchasing one of their gifts, Sunbeam Family Services sends you cards and envelopes detailing the purchased item. You can then personalize the cards and give them to your friends and family.

Charitable Gift of Purpose

For example, a card could read:

You’ve been given the gift of school supplies for a grandparent raising their grandchild.

charitable-gift-thoughtful-meaningfulBy making a donation on someone’s behalf and honoring them with a charitable gift of purpose, you are embodying the reason for the season. If possible, give to a charity or cause that is near and dear to the gift recipient’s heart.

Just remember, this type of gift will always always fit and never be returned, regifted or wasted!

Since charitable gift donations can be made online usually 24/7, they can be used for last-minute gifts if necessary.

Find ways to give more than you receive during the holidays.


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