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  • Unique Knitted Metal Jewelry

    Unique Knitted Metal Jewelry

    My grandmother knitted throughout her lifetime. She tried to teach me, but I never really showed much interest. Oh, how I wished I had learned because you never know when old skills can turn into new talent. This past Mother’s Day weekend, my husband, Randy, and I attended an arts festival in our community. Over […]

  • Custom Throw Pillows Add Personal Touch

    Custom Throw Pillows Add Personal Touch

    I love how throw pillows can make a creative statement on a sofa, chair or bed. They’re almost like “pillow art” because they come in so many unique designs, colors and textures! Give Custom Throw Pillows But did you know it’s easy to create your own custom, personalized throw pillows for yourself or as a […]

  • Rock Painting Kit

    Rock Painting Kit

    My son and I were shopping at an outdoor mall when he found a piece of “treasure.” He held it in the palm of his little hand. The look on his excited and eager face said, “Can I keep it?” He showed me a smooth, round rock painted red with blue polkadots and a large […]

  • Magical 3D Pop Up Greeting Cards

    Magical 3D Pop Up Greeting Cards

    3D Pop Up Greeting Cards are so beautiful and mesmerizing, they are almost a gift in itself. And they’re definitely keepsakes! When you open one of these cards, instead of seeing words, you see the card magically come to life as it POPS UP into a unique design. They are truly miniature works of paper […]

  • My Favorite Ergonomic Drinking Mug

    My Favorite Ergonomic Drinking Mug

    OK… my favorite mug is not advertised as being ergonomic. I just gave it that name. The word ergonomic means well designed, usable, user-friendly and comfortable. All the adjectives that describes my favorite mug! Several years ago, while visiting friends we made when living in Albuquerque, we played tourist by visiting Old Town. We had […]

  • Create Photo Art Using American Sign Language

    Create Photo Art Using American Sign Language

    My paternal and maternal grandparents and my mother were deaf so my first language was American Sign Language. Several years ago, my mother became ill and I took her to the emergency room. It was the beginning of dementia even though we were not aware of it yet. The wait in the ER was F-O-R-E-V-E-R! […]

  • Paint Your Own Pottery Experience

    When I visit my sister’s family, I always like to give my three nieces the gift of a new experience. Now that my oldest niece is 16 and I have a four-year old son, I needed to come up with an experience that teenagers AND young children would enjoy. That’s a little tough, but I […]

  • Stuffed Animals Displayed as Art

    Stuffed Animals Displayed as Art

    Most of us have grown up with teddy bears or other beloved stuffed animals. Many of us still have them. They are tucked away forgotten until we come across them stored away in the attic or closet. Oh… that warm fuzzy feeling of seeing your childhood companion! I have a beautiful gift idea to display […]

  • Unique & Awesome Museum Gifts

    Unique & Awesome Museum Gifts

    Ever wonder where you can go to find unique and awesome gifts? Try a museum gift shop. Don’t have a local museum? No worries! Shop online from many of the world’s most famous museums like The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York or The Louvre in Paris. Discover hundreds of unique gifts and art reproductions, including […]

  • Retirement Gifts with a Twist

    Retirement Gifts with a Twist

    Retirement is the next frontier for Baby Boomers! Did you know the Baby Boomer generation will be turning 65 at a rate of 8,000 per day? That’s a lot of retirement gifts to think about! Rocking chair gifts are out. Let’s get more creative than that. Many Baby Boomers retire only to become bored and […]