My Favorite Ergonomic Drinking Mug

OK… my favorite mug is not advertised as being ergonomic. I just gave it that name.

The word ergonomic means well designed, usable, user-friendly and comfortable. All the adjectives that describes my favorite mug!

Several years ago, while visiting friends we made when living in Albuquerque, we played tourist by visiting Old Town. We had fun walking around the Square checking out each gift shop.

In one store, we watched pottery being made directly in front of us by artists. It’s truly amazing how plain brownish clay turns into beautiful colorful pottery. I like to think of it as usable art!

pottery-mug-with-thumb-rest-thoughtful-gift-ideaAs my husband and I looked at their final creations, we found coffee mug designs we had never seen before. They featured a piece of extra clay on the top of the handle for placing your thumb.

Talk about comfortable! I know it sounds weird, but it’s true. I instantly wanted it and purchased one. Only one. That was a mistake because my favorite mug has become the favorite mug of everyone in my household!

So for many years, I said, “I’m returning to New Mexico to get everyone their own individual mug.”

That never happened because we found the same type of ergonomic mugs at the Arts Festival in our home town of Oklahoma City. They are organic-natural-stoneware pottery designed and created by Gretchyn. Read her sweet story and look at some of her creations. She creates several designs of mugs and if they are not displayed on her website, contact her.

Randy and I held several mugs, resting our thumbs on the handle. There were so many to choose from that we finally decided by choosing the colors we liked. I purchased enough mugs for everyone in my family to have their own, along with extras so I could give them as one-of-a-kind original works of art gifts.

I’m happy because my new favorite mug features a heart on the thumb rest!

Who knew a mug could be a big part of the experience of drinking something warm.

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  1. Thank you for reading our blog. Just click on the link for Redstone Pottery in the post. I have also included it here.

    I purchased from Redstone Pottery at an arts festival in OKC a few years ago and still using them. They are awesome!

    You can also find others artists on Etsy that create thumb rest mugs.

    They make unique gifts and really are quite comfortable.

    I hope you will sign up for future thoughtful gift ideas.

    Queen Darlene.

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