Caricatures Make Fun Birthday Party Favors

When planning my son’s second birthday party, I knew there would be more adults than kids at the event. Kids don’t really have BFFs at that age.

So I needed something to make the party fun for both adults AND kids.

I first met Hector Lopez at the Oklahoma City Thunder Fan Appreciation Night when he drew a caricature of my son and me in less than five minutes. He’s that good!


Caricature drawings make for great entertainment and one-of-a-kind birthday party favors!

Queen Darlene saw the drawing hanging up behind my desk at the office and thought it would be a great idea to hire Hector for our agency’s employee picnic.

She’s got great instincts that one!

Our co-workers loved getting their caricatures done! Afterwards, walking through our building you could see caricatures everywhere since people proudly hung up their drawings inside their office or cubicle.

Perfect, I thought! I’ll hire Hector the caricature artist to provide the entertainment and party favors at my son’s birthday party.


Caricature artists can create fun family portraits.

During the party, I set Hector up in the middle of my living room and designated a couch where people would sit to get drawn. Immediately, people called dibs on being next in line.

Everyone enjoyed sitting for their caricature and watching Hector’s talent in action so much that he drew non-stop!

It’s amazing how fast he sketches and that he never messes up (at least as far as I can tell!).


Caricature artists can even draw you with a celebrity!

Hector can draw up to five people on one sheet of paper, so he drew couples, entire families, twin babies, and my two-year old son next to Kevin Durant, the Oklahoma City Thunder celebrity basketball star. (Now that I think of it, I should have asked Hector to draw me cuddled up with Brad Pitt!)

Some caricature artists exaggerate your features so much that you look nothing like your original self, but that’s not Hector’s style. The caricatures all turned out awesome and everyone loved taking home their one-of-a-kind party favor!

Hiring a clown for a kid’s birthday party–not funny.

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