Money Tootsie Rolls Suprise!


Gifts containing a hidden surprise are some of my favorite gifts. If the person loves candy, Tootsie Rolls are a creative way to surprise someone with money.

money-tootsie-rolls-thoughtful-gift-ideaIt’s incredibly easy to roll up cash to look like Tootsie Rolls.

First, unwrap a Tootsie Roll and eat it. You won’t be needing it. Save the wrapper though!

Fold a dollar bill into thirds, then fold into half, in half again, in half again, and in half again for a total of five folds.

Wrap the folded bill with the Tootsie Roll wrapper you saved. Twist the ends to make it look like there is a real Tootsie Roll candy inside. No glue. No tape. It’s that easy peasy!

Repeat as many times as necessary to create more Money Tootsie Rolls.

The size of the Tootsie Rolls does make a difference. I used the “midget” size. The “mini” size Tootsie Rolls are too small.

Once I finished wrapping all of my Money Tootsie Rolls, I placed them in a clear vase for maximum visual effect. All you see are Tootsie Rolls!

You could also place them in a candy jar, but feel free to use any cute container. The dollar stores usually have great choices, things like small tin buckets with handles.

I’ve written a poem to give the gift recipient a hint that there’s more to the gift than Tootsie Rolls.

Everyone loves Tootsie Rolls.
They’re real sweet
And fun to eat.
t started to find your real treat!

Of course, the amount of money is up to you. Using dollar bills will allow you to make more Money Tootsie Rolls but an occasional $5, $10 or $20 bill makes opening each wrapper extra fun. Be sure to mix in real Tootsie Rolls with the Money Tootsie Rolls to keep them guessing which ones contain candy and which contain cash!

Cotton candy, sweet and low, let me see your tootsie roll.  – 69 Boyz “Tootsee Roll” lyrics

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