Bring a DHS Foster Child “Home for the Holidays”

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Imagine spending Christmas Day in an emergency shelter away from your home and family…

bring-foster-child-dhs-home-holidaysNow imagine yourself as a child spending Christmas Day in an emergency shelter away from your home and family…

You’re probably wondering why in the world would I have you imagine such horrible and depressing things. Why?

Because it’s not make believe.

Innocent children do spend Christmas Day in emergency shelters separated from their loved ones as they await foster homes. You can open your heart and your home to these children by hosting one of them for Christmas.

Through its “Home for the Holidays” initiative, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services seeks people interested in opening their homes to these children so they can spend the Christmas holiday with a family instead of in an emergency shelter.

Families can select boys or girls between the ages of six through 17 years old. The process is similar to becoming a foster parent but less extensive. DHS does require a criminal background check and a home inspection.

Welcoming someone into your home and letting them become a part of your family, even if for one day, is one of the most genuine ways we can keep the spirit of Christmas. Some families with children select a child who is near their children’s ages so they can all play together.

Contact OKDHS at 1-866-612-2565 to learn more about the “Home for the Holidays” initiative. You will make a huge impact on a child’s life and most likely on your own family’s life.

Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.  – Janice Maeditere

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