Let Them Drive a Clean & Shiny Car | Car Wash Gift Card

No one wants to own that filthy car in the parking lot that just begs people to draw “Wash Me” on it. Whether someone’s a car enthusiast or not, we all like to drive a clean and shiny car.

clean-shiny-car-wash-gift-cardFor me, I’m good about keeping the outside of my car clean during the summer when I don’t mind washing it in my driveway or at the self-service car wash.

But in the winter, fuhgeddaboudit. It’s too cold for me to care!

Then there’s my husband, who practically washes his car once every week. If he goes longer than two weeks, it really starts to bug him.

Even though we don’t have the exact same cleanliness standards when it comes to our cars, my husband and I would both enjoy receiving the same gift – a gift card to use for things like car washes, auto detailing and car waxes. (Psst… don’t tell my husband but he’s getting one for Valentine’s Day!)

It’s the perfect gift for him and the perfect gift for her!

Instead of a gift card or gift certificate, you can also purchase monthly plans for unlimited automatic car washes or wash books containing vouchers for things like 10 exterior car washes. Visit your local car wash center to learn about all of the different services you can provide as gifts.

A car wash gift card makes a thoughtful gift for all types of people – car lovers, busy moms, pet owners, busy professionals, employees and college kids.

The gift of a clean car is something every driver can appreciate.

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  1. This is a good idea especially to those people who really love cleaning their cars. Giving them something like this gift card would really mean a lot to them. Thanks for sharing your idea.

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