Show Off New Lingerie With a Sexy Lap Dance

Here’s a riddle for you. What item do women buy in their size and then give as a Valentine’s Day present to their man?

Thrill him with a seductive lap dance that will make his head spin!

Sexy lingerie! Ladies, you could give this present every year and it would always please. Am I right, guys?

But the gift could become routine or expected so you should add a “thoughtful twist” this year.

Sit him in a chair or on the edge of the bed and turn on some sensual music with a slow rhythm before making your grand va-va-voom entrance in your new lingerie.

Now… Tease him. Tempt him. Thrill him with a seductive lap dance that will make his head spin!

There’s no need to take a special class on lap dancing. The bottom line – he really won’t care how good you dance. Watching you shimmy in a slinky outfit won’t allow him to think of anything else but how beautiful you look and how happy he feels.

To get you started with this Valentine’s Day gift idea, I found this helpful (PG-rated) 5-minute lap dance video tutorial from a dance instructor.

Nothing risqué, nothing gained.  – Alexander Woollcott


2 responses to “Show Off New Lingerie With a Sexy Lap Dance”

  1. Tomy Avatar

    Absolutely true! With an act like this and a sexy lingerie, it’ll easily make the best gift!

  2. thereseclarke Avatar

    Dance styles changed from the ballroom or modern styles featured in the 1920s and 1930s, jitterbug of the WW2 era to rock and roll of the 1950s.
    Best wishes from:

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