Christmas Cash Ornament

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All I want for Christmas is some cold, hard cash. Some cold, hard cash. Some cold, hard cash… This is the Christmas tune going through many people’s minds during the holidays.

That’s because money gifts are hassle free. Cash always fits perfectly and never has to be returned. It never expires, and you can buy anything and everything with it!

The Christmas Cash Ornament gift can be wrapped or simply hung from the Christmas tree. Either way, it’s a creative way to give money during the holidays!



Items you will need:


  1. Roll a bill around a pen for a tight roll. Slide it off and tie it with a 9 inch piece of curling ribbon. Double knot the ribbon and then curl the ribbon with a pair of scissors. Do this for each of the bills you want to give.
    TIP: If using a clear glass ornament, I suggest only giving 3-6 bills since the more you place inside the ornament, the harder it will be for the gift recipient to get them out.
  2. For a glass ornament: Take the top off the ornament, place the rolled up bills inside, and put the top back on.
    For a plastic ornament: Open the ornament in half, place the rolled up bills inside, and put back together.
  3. Tie a loop of ribbon to the top of the ornament by which it can be hung.

The clear round ornaments look pretty undecorated if hung with a pretty ribbon, but you can also use paint pens to decorate the outside with Christmas designs or to write the gift recipient’s name.

There’s not much to a Christmas Cash Ornament, but it sure creates a unique and eye-catching money gift!

Not all the best presents are found under the tree.

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