Thoughtful Gifts for Walkers & Runners

Besides quality walking or running shoes, there are some items that walkers and runners should have.

led-safety-lights-walkers-runners-thoughtful-giftThe right pair of socks is very important for both comfort and to prevent blisters. Then they need the right clothing to wick away sweat and to prevent chafing.

After that, accessories, such as ear buds, headbands, sunglasses, water bottles, hydration belts and fitness trackers, can make walking and running a more enjoyable experience.

There is one accessory that is not yet common, but should be because it saves lives. They’re small and lightweight, and they do an excellent job of making walkers and runners highly visible to motorists to avoid potentially deadly accidents.

I’m talking about LED Safety Lights designed for runners and walkers to wear.

My boss set a goal to walk in her first 5K. She was very excited! As she started training, she complained how the limited hours of daylight during the winter months prevented her from being able to walk outside after work. She really prefers walking outdoors to walking indoors because of the change in scenery.

I decided to get her a set of LED Safety Lights to support her in achieving her goal while keeping her safe. They will keep her visible to cars even if she walks during times of low light, such as at dawn or dusk.

runner-walker-thoughtful-giftI have a neighbor who sometimes likes to walk in the dark, and he wears them to stay safe.

Here are some more unique gifts to get the walkers and runners in your life.

More Thoughtful Gifts for Walkers & Runners

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.  – Helen Keller


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