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  • Smartwool Socks

    Smartwool Socks

    As a kid and young adult, the thought of giving or receiving socks as gifts made me want to vomit. Lame. I’m in my 30’s now and I’ve officially changed my stance because of one, specific brand… Smartwool. Smartwool socks are high-quality socks made of Merino wool. Merino wool is not traditional wool. It’s much […]

  • Bombas Socks | 1 Purchased = 1 Donated

    Bombas Socks | 1 Purchased = 1 Donated

    For Christmas, my grandparents would give my brothers and me socks. They lived through the Great Depression and their gifts were very practical. My friend, Linda, introduced me to her favorite socks–Bombas!  These aren’t your grandparents’ socks! Ever heard of socks that support the midfoot? Me neither until now. Now my whole family wears it! […]

  • Thoughtful Gifts for Walkers & Runners

    Thoughtful Gifts for Walkers & Runners

    Besides quality walking or running shoes, there are some items that walkers and runners should have. The right pair of socks is very important for both comfort and to prevent blisters. Then they need the right clothing to wick away sweat and to prevent chafing. After that, accessories, such as ear buds, headbands, sunglasses, water […]

  • Stocking Stuffer Money Gift

    Stocking Stuffer Money Gift

    httpvh://youtu.be/BzbPH6qEsF4 Grandma Cleaver used to stuff her money inside a sock and hide it. She lived during the Depression where banks failed and people lost their money. I was always fascinated with her stocking stuffer saving method. Guess I’m being nostalgic about this Stocking Stuffer Money Gift. Items you will need: Socks Cash Ribbon Scissors […]

  • Socks and Underwear for Christmas | Family Traditions

    Socks and Underwear for Christmas | Family Traditions

    My grandparents never forgot the Great Depression. Granddaddy talked about not having “one red cent!” Everything was bartered. They traded farm-raised pigs, cattle, chickens and what they grew in their garden for sugar, flour and other necessities. Necessities were all they thought about. There was never any money leftover for extras. Even as their lives improved after the Great […]