Christmas Candy Cane Cash

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Giving plastic candy canes filled with someone’s favorite candy is always an easy last-minute-pick-up-gift. For that thoughtful twist and to amplify the sweetness, add some Christmas cash!

Christmas-candy-cane-cash-thoughtful-gift-ideaPlastic candy canes are everywhere during the holidays so it makes for an easy peasy gift for giving cash during the holidays.


  • Plastic Candy Canes – purchase the ones that have wrapped candy such as Hershey’s Kisses or Reese’s Cups (cash and unwrapped candy do not mix!)
  • Cash – $1, $5, $10, $20, etc.
  • Ribbon


  • Twist the candy cane top off and pour the wrapped candy out. Roll each bill just small enough to insert into the plastic candy cane opening.
  • When you drop the bill inside the candy cane, it will unravel to the size of the candy cane. Continue with the next bill. They will easily stack on top of each other.
  • How many bills you use will depend upon the size of the candy cane. Refill the candy cane with the wrapped candy that was previously taken out.
  • Twist the candy cane top back in place. Tie a festive ribbon to cover the paper that was torn to remove the candy cane top. The paper must have been super glued because it’s difficult to remove. So I leave it on the cane and use ribbon to camouflage it.

The Christmas Candy Cane Cash is a fun way to give candy and to surprise someone with spending money for the holidays!

Whoever came up with the idea of filling plastic candy canes with chocolate instead of the old fashioned hard candy is a genius in my eyes!

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