Money & Gloves Go Hand in Hand


money-and-gloves-go-hand-and-hand-thoughtful-gift-ideaLooking for a clever way to surprise the gift recipient with money and a pair of gloves?

This idea is so easy peasy. I call it my “Money and Gloves Go Hand in Hand” gift idea.

I like to find a pair of gloves that are out-of-the-ordinary. They could be colorful, unusual, maybe with feathers on the cuff instead of fake fur, or with rhinestones.

You don’t have to limit the gift to just gloves or mittens designed to keep hands warm. Purchase gloves to match their hobbies or profession.

Think garden gloves, bike gloves, baseball gloves, golf gloves, weight lifting gloves, and work gloves.

All you need to create this money gift are:

  • A pair of gloves
  • Bills of money

money-and-girly-girl-gloves-thoughtful-gift-ideaI like to use $5 bills. Roll up the bills to simulate a finger.

Hide the money by inserting each bill into the fingers and thumbs of the gloves.

The recipient will be unaware the money is hidden inside the fingers of the gloves until they try them on. That’s when they will feel something and need to investigate.

Pulling out ten $5 bills makes for a memorable gift.

(If you’re giving mittens or fingerless gloves, fold the money flat in the palm of the glove.)

Take my word for it that having a pair of gloves and money in anyone’s hand makes for an awesome-enjoyable-surprising gift!

Michael Jackson made the white rhinestone glove famous. I would love to have a pair just like them!

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