DIY Bedazzled Liquor or Wine Bottles

Looking for a gift with glitz and glamour? All it takes is adding bling to someone’s favorite bottle of liquor or wine.

diy-bedazzled-liquor-wine-bottleThis is the perfect gift for her! Guys, you’ll definitely get extra brownie points by doing the bedazzling yourself. Yes, it takes some crafting but it’s super easy.

She’ll end up appreciating the bottle as much as the alcohol inside! When it’s empty, the gift keeps on giving. Bedazzled liquor or wine bottles are cute enough to display on a shelf or to use as a flower vase.

This gift also makes a great 21st birthday gift!

DIY Bedazzled Liquor or Wine Bottles

Items you will need:

  • Gift recipient’s favorite bottle of liquor or wine
  • Embellishing glue or hot glue gun
  • Rhinestones with flat back
  • Tweezers if using small rhinestones

Easy Peasy Instructions:

  1. Wipe off the bottle with a damp rag and let it dry.
  2. Start at the area next to the front label. Place some glue on the back of a rhinestone and stick on the bottle.
  3. Keep adding rhinestones until you’ve covered the bottle to your liking. You don’t necessarily have to cover the entire bottle for it to look amazing.
    TIP: As much as possible, try to glue the jewels with the bottle on its side to prevent them from sliding down.

This project takes some time, but I’m sure you’ll agree that the end result is glamtastic!

Bling It On.

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  1. Very cute gift! suitable for a girl. If I give it to my friend, she will be very good. Hhhhh, thank you for the making ways, I am already preparing this surprise for my friend.

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