Hop In The Car One Day Road Trips

Our lifelong friends, Curtis and Susan, my husband, and I have come up with a fun experience to spend time together – Hop in the Car One Day Road Trips.

hop-in-the-car-one-day-travels-with-friends-thoughtful-gift-ideaIn the early years, we spent a lot of time together. We doubled dated and later were in each other’s wedding parties. We even shared holidays.

Our lives got much busier when we were raising our children, and we spent less and less time together. But now that our kids are grown, you would think we would have more time on our hands but our lives are as busy as ever.

We may have dinner together for a few short hours in a noise-filled chain restaurant once a year. This was pitiful and had to change!

I came across the best restaurants for home cooked meals across the state of Oklahoma on TravelOK.com. We decided to plan Saturday trips every four to six weeks to visit Mom and Pop type places to eat and our travels included siteseeing along the way.

homemade-pies-thoughtful-gift-ideaNot only do we fill the car with laughter, but we also reminisce and catch up on each other’s lives. There’s even the bonus of a home cooked meal at the end of our destination.

Let the Hop in the Car One Day Road Trips begin!

Our first trip to Click’s Steakhouse in Pawnee, Oklahoma  is a place known for their delicious steaks and  amazing homemade pies! The meringue is several inches high and the crust so light it reminds me of grandma’s pies.

My husband purchased a coconut cream pie to bring home. They are that good!

Granny’s Kitchen in Stillwater, Oklahoma was our second adventure. It’s the home of Oklahoma State University. We have fond memories of football games, strolling around campus, and the Duck Pond where young love began for Curtis and Susan.

Breakfast is Granny’s Kitchen specialty. The abundance of choices made it difficult for any of us to decide. My decision to have homemade cinnamon roll French toast for the first time was waaay above anything I ever expected!

The next trip is planned for Nic’s Grill in Oklahoma City. It is considered one of America’s Best Burger Joints and none of us have eaten there! We chose to go local because of time constraints, and we didn’t want to break our new tradition.

Before the end of each trip, we plan for the next destination and set a date. We are already talking about the Talihina fall foliage drive to The Rock House. I can’t wait because my husband and I have never driven the beautiful drive in the fall.

Oklahoma offers many interesting places to have a culinary experience within a few hours of our home. Discover your state’s attractions and restaurants for flavor adventures! It’s an extremely good time with the people you love.

Sometimes a “busy life” should be placed on hold to reconnect with cherished friends.

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  1. Very nice 😉 Road trips are definitely the best experiences in our lives I think 🙂 I want to quit my boring job and start with travelling too bud unfortunatelly don´t have a travel buddy. You are happy people, you know? 😉 I find this sites and hope to find travel buddy too.

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