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When my grandmother was in the hospital due to a terrible car accident, I wanted badly to cheer her up.


I hope you get back in the SWING of things soon!

She lived two states away so I couldn’t do anything in person. I needed to get creative.

I’m always taking pictures of my toddler son. There are hundreds of them on the camera roll of my phone. Going through them gave me an idea when I came across a photo of my son on a swing at the park.

Seeing his smile made me smile, and I knew it would make my grandmother smile too.

Add a Personalized Message to a Photo

I took the photo and added colorful hearts and the message, “I hope you get back in the SWING of things soon!”

I printed the photo and framed it in a cheerful yellow frame. So simple but it’s a personal get well gift that means so much more than something purchased at a store.

I wish I could have been there to see her open her gift and see her smile. It’s like a get well card in a frame!

You can modify photos in Microsoft Word or free photo editing websites such as PicMonkey and Pixlr. It’s easy to  find hearts and lots of other clip art by doing a Google image search.

This easy peasy get well gift idea has so many possibilities!

Sending you some smiles to brighten your day.

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