I’ve Loved You Since Forever

I enjoy giving children’s books for gifts. So I’m always on the look out for special books that touch my heart and I’ve found a favorite!

I’ve Loved You Since Forever is a beautiful picture book inspired by New York Times bestselling author and NBC TODAY show co-anchor Hoda Kotb’s heartwarming adoption of her baby girl, Haley Joy.

Hoda and her celebrity friends bring the book to life in this adorable video she produced.

I've-Loved-You-Since-Forever-thoughtful-gift-ideas“I’ve Loved You Since Forever”

Before birds flew over rainbows
And monkeys swung on trees
There was you, and there was me

Before the sun set in the sky
And honey came from bees
There was you, and there was me

Before the moon lit up the night
Elephants wandered free
There was you, and there was me

Before otters swam together
And rivers reached the sea
There was you, and there was me

Waiting for the day our paths would cross
And you and I turned into we
Oh, I’ve loved you since forever
And forever’s how long you’ll be loved by me

You can also listen to Kelly Clarkson turn Hoda’s lyrical text of I’ve Loved You Since Forever into a lullaby.

Another reason this book touches my heart is that you can download Kelly Clarkson’s new song from Today.com, Apple, Amazon.com or Helpusadopt.org and proceeds will go towards helping children get adopted.

Helpusadopt.org is a national organization that awards grants to help couples and individuals overcome financial obstacles regarding their adoptions.

I’ve Loved You Since Forever’s beautiful illustrations, created by Suzie Mason, will have young ones and parents snuggling up to read the pages of this book over and over again.

You feel a love you’ve haven’t experienced.  – Hoda Kotb

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  1. Queen Darlene

    I agree! This book fills your heart with love! It’s a wonderful gift from birth on up. Appreciate your comment and check out our many other thoughtful gift ideas.

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