Big Face Cutout for Graduations & Parties

Looking for an attention-grabbing gift? I say, go big or go home!

big-face-head-cutout-graduation-giftCreate a Big Face Cutout of the gift recipient you can use for funny photos or to show support for graduates. It’s just the right size for all ages and the perfect accessory for any party or event!

What is a Big Face Cutout?

Big Face Cutouts are photos printed on an oversized face cutout made of heavy-duty weatherproof paper. They can be attached to a stick so they’re easy to hold.

They’re really popular at sports games, graduations (first make sure they’re allowed by the school), and birthday parties.

But you don’t have to stop there. Big Face Cutouts can also be used at wedding receptions, retirement parties, and bachelor or bachelorette parties.

The face cutouts can also be ordered in size Huge and Giant. Or go even bigger with a Custom Life-Size Standup Cutout.

Guests can pose for a photo with someone as if he or she is really standing there!

Here are some websites where you can easily order a Big Face Cutout for a gift the recipient won’t soon forget.

Every face is unforgettable when it’s blown up to huge proportions.

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