Talking Hamster Repeats What You Say

A talking hamster that repeats everything you say? Yes! I couldn’t believe how amazing this little soft plush toy worked!

talking-hamster-repeats-what-you-say-thoughtful-gift-ideaI was searching for a birthday gift for Princess Diana’s two-year old son Axl. He has a five-year old brother, Aiden, who shares his toys so my mission was to find something totally new and different.

Talking Hamster Mimics Any Language

I found it! This hamster’s talk back function allows it to mimic everything you say in ANY language no matter if you talk, sing, laugh, grunt, babble, or scream.

When I say everything, I mean everything!

The electronic hamster will even repeat a cat’s meow, a dog’s bark or a squeak of a chair.

It’s true! While writing this post for my blog, the hamster caught me totally by surprise when it made the sound of my squeaking chair!

This cute, interactive animal toy mimics words in a high pitched funny voice while bopping its head up and down. It’s hilarious!

The talking hamster makes for a fun gift for children and by the experience in my household, adults get a really big kick out of it too!

Repeat after me. I’ve got to have one!

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