Multiple First Dates With Spouse

I came across a genius idea in my Facebook feed that I had to share it with our readers!


Have you heard about the “Truth Bomb Mom?” Her videos always inspire me and make me laugh, but the video below has to be in my top 3!

Truth Bomb Mom (aka Kristina Kuzmic) shares her secret to a happy marriage and the best, most creative way to reconnect with her spouse–lots of FIRST DATES.

What exactly does she mean by “first dates?” It means going on date nights as if they just met and were going on their actual first date.

Recreating First Dates

It begins with her husband texting her “Hey, this is Phillip. It was great meeting you the other night. I would love to take you out to dinner.”

He is pretending they just met to recreate that newness and anticipation of a first date.

They set up the details of the date via text message but they don’t ever discuss it with each other in person. The night of the date, he tells her he has plans with his buddies and he leaves their house. He doesn’t come back until he rings the doorbell to pick her up on their “first date.”

They both do things to really play the part of having just met each other. They even take off their wedding rings before the date.

The fun and giddy excitement is in the pretending!

To keep the newness going, they always go to a new restaurant they’ve never been to before.

The date night conversation is drastically different too. Since they’re pretending they don’t know each other, they don’t talk about their kids or anything else they wouldn’t talk about on a first date.

This gives them the opportunity to talk about nothing else but getting to know each other, just like a real first date!

The Truth Bomb Mom says that every time they do these first dates, they learn something new about each other.

I completely LOVE this idea for a fresh take on date nights with your spouse. It’s easy for marriage to get routine and predictable if you let it. So don’t let it!

I know I’m sharing this date night idea with my husband so he can take me our on a “first date” all over again!

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