Birthday Cake Not Birthday Candles

My girlfriends and I love to celebrate just about everything, and we especially make an effort to be together for our birthdays.

birthday-cake-not-birthday-candles-thoughtful-gift-ideaElise brought a box of four individually packaged cakes made from the Original YaHoo Baking Co.  Of course, you can make your own or purchase from a local bakery.

Janiece had fun trying to choose either the Bourbon Pecan, Chocolate Espresso, Rum Crunch or Chocolate Chip Amaretto Liquor Cakes.

They were delicious and the perfect size. Besides, who needs the calories of a regular size cake?

Prior to Elise lighting the four candles, she said:

“This is a birthday cake but not birthday candles.”

Then she said:

The yellow one is for all the fun memories you’ve had at every place you have ever gone.
The green one is all the good times you have had with your girlfriends.
The blue one is for all the people who have ever loved you.
And the red one is for all the people you have ever loved.
Blow out your candles.

Janiece and I were blown away! So simple and so thoughtful!

You can re-create this idea and customize the candle tributes for anyone’s birthday. Choose any color to represent what is meaningful to the birthday guy or gal. Easy peasy!

For example:

The pink one is for all of the blessings you have had.
The purple one is for all of the fun adventures since your retirement.
The orange one is for your love of fishing, crafting, etc.
The red one is for the love of family… especially the grandkids.
Blow out your candles.

At my age, I love the idea of having only four candles instead of a cake that looks like it’s on fire! It doesn’t make me feel so ancient.

Here’s another thoughtful twist. When candles aren’t used to represent someone’s age, you can add candles to any cake! I’m thinking retirement cake, graduation cake, housewarming cake, Mother’s Day cake, Father’s Day cake, etc.

Blowing out candles is so much fun so we should do it on more occasions!

Now in our 60s, my friends and I have been friends for almost 40 years. We do not need stuff. What we cherish most is making memories together!

When you light up someone’s day, the light also shines on you!

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