Unique Custom Painted Shoes

Do you have Hamilton fever? I haven’t seen the musical yet, but I’m obsessed with the soundtrack.

I have my niece, J’menii, to thank for getting me hooked on Hamilton.


This same young lady has a thing for Converse sneakers. I’m not exaggerating when I say she has more than 10 pairs of Converse shoes in her closet. All colors. The girl even wore a pair with her formal dress to high school prom!

J’menii is graduating from high school this year so I decided on a graduation gift that combined her two obsessions and I ended up with Hamilton-themed Custom Painted Converse Shoes!

Custom Hand Painted Shoes

For the shoes, I had an artist paint them gold and black with a couple of logos. Then I had the artist paint phrases from the musical to inspire my niece to kick butt in college and to achieve her goals in life!

The outside right shoe features the Hamilton logo with the words “I’m not throwing away my shot.” The outside left shoe features a silhouette of the Schuyler sisters with the words “Rise Up.”

The inside left shoe reads, “There’s a million things I haven’t done.” The inside right shoe reads “Just you wait…”

The back of the heals read “Click” and “Boom.”

They look so amazing! I think she’ll really love that they were made specifically for her and that no one will be able to find the same pair in stores.

I’m also giving her money towards a new laptop and an engraved cereal spoon that reads, “I’m young, scrappy and hungry” (another lyric from Hamilton).

I wanted to give graduation gifts that are memorable, fun, and practical.

There are amazing artists on Etsy.com who can paint pretty much whatever you want on any type of canvas shoes for kids and adults. Take a look for yourself!


Click to see the artist I used.

If you can imagine it on a shoe, there’s an artist who can paint it.

Raise a glass to thoughtful and unique gifts!

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